Gary Edward Daniels was born in Working, London, on 9th of May in 1963. He was charmed by comics heroes when he was a child and believed that some of them can live in the streets of America. As an athletic kid he used to play soccer for his city school and had an imposing quantity of the prizes. He was called Dangerous Daniels and since 3 years of age he has supporting the Manchester United team. At age of 8 he saw the man who changed his life forever, it was Bruce Lee. After the review of the "Enter The Dragon" movie he realized what he will devote his life to.

Next week he joined to local school of martial arts which was practising the organic system of street fighting under the direction of Laes Jacob. He called it as Mangolian Kung Fu. Of cause it was not so nice and was too far from Bruce Lee fighting. After the 3 years of training he began practising more dinamic style named Taekwondo. He quickly achived successes and at the age of 15 he began to help his instructor. In 1979 at 16 Daniels got the black belt and became the assistant of instructor at the three london's school.

Gary won a few tournaments by ITF version. In the long run he entered to the full contact world of kickboxing under the direction of british army ex-boxer Micky Birne. After a few wins and having the world title of kickboxing in average weight he realized that he close to his aim. In one week at his 20 he took a ticket and with 400 dollars in a pocket travelled to Florida, USA.

There he joined to acting class and continued his trainings. During this he tooking a part in the series like Miami Vice. He was earning on a side like promoter in the night club. Suddenly he had an offer to act in a movie in Phillipines. This was a great chance to start. During 2 years he was starring in a few movies with local stars. It brang him a great experience and gave a confidence to move to the center of movie making - Hollywood.

Not for a long time turning back into the world of kickboxing Gary won the champion title of kickboxing of California in heavy weight by WKBA version.

Gary has his lovely wife Mericine and five children: Shane, Kenshiro, Samjai, Koji and Mailee. He lives in the Orange county, California, where he is happy to feel hisself as father between the sets.

One of his teachers is Micky Birne who lives in New Zealand and another Winston Omega who lives in Malaysia.

For more information about his training and movies please visite the / articles / section.

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