Keo: I've just watched the Retrograde movie, it's not bad. I think your character is more interesting then the main badguy which you had to play. Dolph looks very sluggish. Who was the fight choreographer of the movie? What was the location of the shooting? Gary, with what martial artist do you want to play else?
Gary D: The fight choreographer was some guy who did not know what he was doing ! We shot mostly in Luxembourg and a little in the Italien Alps. I would like to work with Jet Li but usually when you work with these guys they do not give you a chance to really shine.


Keo: Have you seen the BLADE. TRINITY movie? Do you like Wesley Snipes acting?
Gary D: Yes i saw it, its o.k. I think Wesley always does a good job.


Keo: I hope everything is ok with your sifu in Thailand. What is situation there? Could you tell me, has you sifu got his own dojo in Thailand and what is his style, how old is he? In all movies I have been watching that MUAY THAI is the most popular and the one art in Thailand and most teens practice it. Is it true situation or today Thailand has a lot of styles for choose?
Gary D: Yes Muay Thai is the national art and is widely practiced here. My sifu is well, i am in Bangkok and all is well here , the Tsunami hit the southern part of Thailand. My sifu teaches in Malaysia and an disland in Thailand called Koh Samui. His system is Wong family fist and he also teaches Muay Thai.


Keo: Whats new? Do you have a new movie offer? I remember that you wanted to act in some chinese movie, so will you be act in it?
Gary D: I am not working right now, i am in Thailand training with my sifu.


Keo: You did not act from 2001 till 2004, is it because you were trying to change the ganre of your movies or you had not got the real offer? Why did you decide to act with the second class stars like Dolph Lungren and Steven Seagal or you just decided did not lost the opportunity?
Gary D: I stopped for a while as i did not like the way some of my movies were turning out, the producers were no tputting the effort into them that i was. And the scripts i was being offered were rubbish. When Retrograde was offered to me it was a good script and i was offered the main bad guy which was a good part, but Dolph Lundgren changed that at the last minute. Then i was offered Submerged with Steven Seagal which was also a good script and again i was offered the main bad guy which was a really great character, but again at the last minute my part was changed.


Keo: Have you been to Bulgaria first time? Can you tell me are you playing the main character in the movie, whom is Seagal playing? Is it the action, thriller or fiction?
Gary D: Keo, hi. This is my 3rd time in Bulgaria. the movie is an action / thriller. i am not a lead, originally i was but Seagal cut me down to a smaller role. I play a colnel in the army who gets captured on a mission and infected with a mind control drug and turn against Seagal and his unit.


Keo: What is your opinion about president's election in US? Whom do you support? Have you seen the "TROY" movie with Brad Pitt, what do you think about?
Gary D: Keo, hi. I liked Troy. I hope Bush goes. I am in Bulgaria right now working on a movie called Submerged with Steven Seagal and Vinnie Jones. But that title will probably change.


Keo: Gary hi, how are you? Do you watch football championship? What do you think about England-Portugal game?
Gary D: Keo, hi. yes i have been watching all the games but now i am in Hong Kong and the games are at 3.00 in the morning !! I hated the England vs Portugal game !! I dont like the way England play, too defensive. Hope you are well.


Keo: Gary hi. Can you tell me when the "Retrograde" movie will be released?
Gary D: Keo, hi. I would imagine around the end of 2004 but i do not know exactly.


Keo: Gary hi. I have a question about Bruce Lee. How do you think if Bruce Lee acted in the "Kung Fu" movie and producers didn't give the role to David Caradine, was David so popular as he is? And what do you know about David's skills in martial arts?
Gary D: Keo, hi. I know nothing of David Carradines martial arts training, but from the looks of things he never had any. If Bruce had done Kung fu , WOW, it would have been awsome.

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